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Thanks for your interest in! Here, you will find an overview of the Virtual Assistant services I provide. Please keep in mind that this is only a partial list of Virtual Assistance tasks at which I am both experienced and proficient. It is not unusual for my clients to have need for tasks or services not shown on this list.  In any event, I can help! Please feel free to contact me with questions about Virtual Assistant services not listed here.

To learn more about me or my company, visit my Virtual Assistant Company Info page.
Virtual Assistant Services at a Glance
Web Development e-Commerce
  E-mail Distribution Article Distribution
  Branding Materials  Print Media  
Web Development
With years of experience in web design and maintenance, I can handle all of the details for establishing your online presence from start to finish.  I will manage your domain, hosting, E-mailboxes, web pages, web forms & E-mail capture strategies, product integration, audio/video inclusion, blog creation, visitor tracking and much more. I also have a team of skilled designers and programmers onhand to assist me, to ensure that you're never 'waiting in line' for your web site.
Partial checklist of web development services provided:
Web Site Template Design • Web Site Maintenance/Updates
  Custom Web Graphics Blog Creation
  Web Site Forms Visitor Tracking
  Domain/Hosting Management  
Click here for examples of web designs I've completed for Virtual Assistance clients.
If you'd prefer to select an inexpensive, ready-made web site template which you can customize, (or I can customize for you), check out the world's largest selection of fabulous premium web site template designs here:
Selling your products or services online really isn't as complicated as it may seem. There are many different solutions available to accommodate any sized company or budget. I have configured complete e-Commerce functionalities from back end to web site buy buttons for hundreds of clients. I will set up your merchant account, shopping cart, products listing web page, registration links, special offers and autoresponders so you can start earning money from your web site right away!
Partial checklist of e-Commerce services provided:
• Shopping Cart Configuration • Merchant Account Setup
  • Pay Pal Account Setup • Event Registrations
  • Product Integration • e-Product Delivery
  • Buy Buttons/Links  
E-mail Distribution

If you've done your marketing 'homework', you know that a successful business or entrepreneur must keep his/her name in front of their contact list on a regular basis. Research shows that many potential customers will not buy until the 3rd, 5th, or even 12th contact. Staying in touch with your database list is essential if you want to maintain a thriving business. This may include a regular newsletter distribution schedule, event notices or special offer advertisements, and informative articles or columns, to name a few.

Since 2001, I have worked with many Virtual Assistance clients to establish powerful E-mail broadcasting strategies and ongoing, consistent circulation to database contacts.
Partial checklist of E-mail distribution services provided:
• e-Zine Design • Newsletter Broadcasting
  • Event Notices/Ads • Custom HTML Messages
  • E-mail Capture Strategies • Autoresponders
  • Contact Interval Queues • Database Entry/Management
Click here for examples of E-mail distribution designs I've completed for Virtual Assistance clients.
Article Distribution
Article marketing is an often overlooked - yet critical - component to any online business strategy. Article distribution can be a veritable 'gold mine' for driving qualified traffic to your web site! By providing articles for distribution and syndication, you are effectively positioning yourself as an expert in your field, gaining the trust of your readers by offering them content of purely information value and securing more click-throughs to your web site. And what's more, those visitors who do click through to your web site are twice as likely to buy once they get there, since you've already established name recognition and a level of trust with these visitors before they ever reach your pages.
As a result of my extensive article marketing experience, I have compiled a comprehensive list of article banks and other online resources, and I'm familiar with the 'ins' & 'outs' of article formatting and submission guidelines.
Partial checklist of article distribution services provided:
• Copy Formatting/Editing • Article Submissions
  • Target Market Research • Article Placement Tracking
Branding Materials
One of the most important components to a successful marketing endeavor is your branding. A well-applied branding strategy lends credibility, familiarity and uniqueness to your company position. Consider, for instance, Target department stores: a simple red dot logo with a red circle surrounding it.  It doesn't get any simpler than that - and yet, this logo is instantly recognizable throughout the United States. What does your branding say about you?
I have worked with many professional speakers and other entrepreneurs to develop branding materials which best depict the message and tone they wish to convey.
Partial checklist of branding materials services provided:
• Logo Design • Letterhead Creation
  • One Sheets • Media/Speaker Kits
Print Media
Do you really need to go to a separate designer, printer and mail distributor just to get your advertising materials to your target audience?  Certainly not! Managing these projects and details can be a full-time job in itself... and you, as a busy entrepreneur, have more productive things to do with your time.  I can handle this process for you efficiently and without need for micromanagement.
Partial checklist of print media services provided:
• Event Fliers • Brochures
  • Tent Cards • Business Cards
Click here for examples of print media I've designed for Virtual Assistance clients.
Miscellaneous Virtual Assistant Services
I am often asked to manage tasks that are not regularly a part of my standard Virtual Assistant services, such as postcard mailers, customer service or even snapping photos for local clients for placement on a web site. Whatever it is, I can help!
Feel free to inquire about 'special' projects or tasks. If it needs to be done, I will do it. If I can't do it, I will secure someone who can, so that you can find solutions to all of your business requirements in one convenient and accommodating Virtual Assistant service.
Partial checklist of miscellaneous Virtual Assistant services provided:
• PowerPoint Presentations • Audio/Video Editing
  • Graphics Manipulation • Research Projects
  • ISBN/Bar Coding • ...& Much More!
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